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5 Bikes that made me smile, and not.

5 Bikes that made me smile, and not.

Bikers all belong to one loving motorcycle family within which there are tribes, divisions and boundaries. So, we see sports bikers, touring bikers, adventure bikers, hog lovers, off-roaders and maybe a couple more categories, too. Each group has it’s own vision...

Guide to military check points.

An unfamiliar motorbike with a foreign number plate always will always raise interest and concern from the locals of countries excluded from mainstream tourism routes. Sometimnes however, unsolicited interest can come from those in a position of autrhority: the police, over zealous border officials, traffic cops and of course the military, perhaps the most unpredictable out of the uniformed lot.

Five great hacks to make your motorbike tour hassle free.

Top boxes, tank bags, extra lighting all have their place in the adventure motorcycling scene and often serve their purpose well. There are a plethora of reviews online debating the virtues of soft luggage over hard, extra cushioned comfy seats and air bagged rider wear. Pick and choose to your hearts content. However, there are some lower end simple, cheap bits and pieces (some self made) that can make an amazing difference to the comfort and quality of your ride especially when on a long tour. 

The Golden Bolder of Burma.

Getting into Myanmar on a motorcycle is no easy feat. Current laws in Burma make it a bit of an obstacle for overlanders who intend to cross on their vehicles regardless of whether these be fully equipped 4 x 4 trucks or simple  pushbikes, it makes no difference....

Blowpipe Kelabit wannabe.

I finally  reached a Kelabit long house after a week long hike in the Sarawak jungle. My guide told me that the plan was to rest and continue the trek the following day. Looking forward to the luxury of a mattress that night I took off my muddy boots and laid...

Georgetown, Penang

It sometimes feels as though there's a drive, not to mention unspoken competition, between the larger cities of the world to create iconic architecture and flaunt this as a symbol of local pride. Some older historic towns of the world have always had options available...

Route around the Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites are definitely one of the most scenic areas of the Alps. They offer spectacular views, heaps of outdoor adventure, an interesting mix of Italo-Germanic culture and of course, some of the finest motorcycle rides one could hope for. But where to...

Brave Women of Nepal

A “man’s job” in European (Western) culture is understood to be physically demanding and perhaps involve the use of heavy machinery or hand tools tools such as a pick, an axe or a sledgehammer. Manual labour in the mining and construction industries, steel works and...

Earthquake Italia

A Stormy Night I felt rough that morning as I opened my tent and peered out at the grey light with squinting eyes. The endless rain that night had kept me awake and transformed the campsite near Assisi into muddy mayhem. It was camping misery at its finest and I was...

Black Sea Crossing to Georgia

My route across Ukraine was blocked. People were shot at every day a few hundred kilometres ahead of me in the war torn Donbas area close to the border with Russia. Snipers were busy and artillery shells pounded, even civilian jet liners were blown from the sky as...

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