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Three Biker Books to Read

Three Biker Books to Read

It's always good to compare one's motorcycle adventures with those of others. Sharing our personal experiences often highlights similarities and connects riders from all walks of life. Some riders keep their stories to themselves, others blog, a few manage the mammoth...

5 Bikes that made me smile, and not.

Bikers all belong to one loving motorcycle family within which there are tribes, divisions and boundaries. So, we see sports bikers, touring bikers, adventure bikers, hog lovers, off-roaders and maybe a couple more categories, too. Each group has it’s own vision...

Atomium, cosmic space balls!

Challenges in Architecture In many large cities of the world, especially in the Middle and far East, there's an unspoken race to create stunning new architecture. As a result, massive constructions appear every year all over the globe in the shape of gleaming airport...

Georgia, Green Lane Paradise

Georgia, the South Caucasus nation, is hardly on the radar of western mass tourism and isn't really part of the beaten backpacker track either. In fact, the country’s existence and location is regrettably ignored by most people.  For sure Georgia's past as a somewhat...

Two days in Oslo

Think Norway and images of expensive beer, amazing fjords and blue eyed blond Viking folk generally come to mind. Though not far from wrong, stereotyping Norway this way and Oslo in particular can lead to srprises. Norway has long left it’s past as a predominantly...

Five essentials for a bike tour

Helmet, jacket, trousers and boots are ready. Your bike is clean, full of fuel, serviced and fitted with panniers, navigation gizmos and a fully charged action cam. The insurance, road side assistance papers and itinerary are sorted.  You just need to fire up your...

Just like a Celebrity

In India “Hey man, I’ve been following you for the past three blocks” said the lad r as he pulled up next to me in the dark on an ageing Honda 125.I was trying to figure my way around Amritsar (India), after crossing the border from Pakistan, it was getting late, I...

The Fairy Tail Homes of Sumatra

I doubt anyone could travel through Sumatra and not be totally taken at the beauty of  the spired roof houses (the “Rumah Bagonjong”) typical of  Minangkabau culture. These iconic Minang long house dwellings have become a well known symbol of Indonesian heritage to the point that their features are often mimicked in the architecture of Indonesian consulate and embassy buildings around the globe.

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