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The road less travelled yields the most welcome surprises





Countless roads to discover, landscapes to explore, people to meet

Embrace diversity, discover commonalities, challenge stereotypes

Foster new skills, develop new passions, bond with new friends

Travel far, travel soon, travel safe


I’m Giovanni (John to most),

Passionate about travel since my teens, with a particular interest in motorcycle trips,  I’ve have been blessed with the chance to visit many countries around world both for leisure and for work.  I’ve ridden through most of Europe on a motorbike, some of North Africa as well and also completed a fifteen month overland trip on a bike from London to Bali, Indonesia.  A few countries have made a big impact on me, some not quite so much. All however, have their own amazing culture, architecture, quirks in hospitality and good food.

You’ll find extracts from my Asian motorcycle trip diary here and some shared experience on long distance motorbike travel.  There are itineraries as well that describe routes I’ve enjoyed in Europe and beyond.

But my blog isn’t only about riding a bike.  Backpacking, train trips and weekend getaways are also part of what I enjoy. In fact, anything that involves exploring our planet is worth a blog to me.

I hope some of the info buried in my posts might be of use to those who read. If I manage to encourage anyone to get out and do more travelling, perhaps off the beaten track, then that’s a result for me.

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Travel History

One’s destination is never a place but always a new way of seeing things. Mark Twain




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“Wherever you go it’s more important to click with those you encounter than to simply click the shutter.” A Eisenstaedt (Photojournalist)