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Size matters …especially when taking pictures

Posted on February 14th, 2018

There is an unspoken truth that most newcomers to travel photography ignore. It’s a dirty little secret that camera stores and dealerships avoid exposing to photo enthusiasts especially when these are set on the purchase of their first “capable machine”. Read More

How to summit Everest ….for the couch potato

Posted on February 14th, 2018

…in Katmandu


Katmandu, in Nepal, has long been the starting point of many a fabled and exhilarating adventure. The stuff of daring men and women who have pushed the boundaries of endeavour literally to the highest of heights. The finest mountaineers of every recent generation have in fact set off from the Nepalese capital to challenge the peaks, the glaciers and the ridges of the Himalayas with bravery and determination. Many have succeeded in their extreme hiking quests but more than just a few, unfortunately, have failed tragically and perished whilst trying. All however, in their own way proved how daring humanity’s collective stamina and resolve can be. Read More

Orangutan Hand Shake!

Posted on February 14th, 2018

A pause along a jungle path

As I reluctantly heaved my muddy, sweaty back pack onto my shoulders one more time that mid morning in northern Sumatra I couldn’t help thinking how the final day of my jungle hike had not gone quite as planned. Sure, there were the leaches, the mud, the humidity not to mention the mosquito bites to contend with but what had just happened was on an entirely new level that had gotten my pulse racing. Read More

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