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Blowpipe Hunter…maybe.

Posted on June 7th, 2018


A view of the jungle canopy

I finally  reached a Kelabit long house after a two day hike in the Sarawak jungle . My guide told me that the plan was to rest  and continue my trek the following day.

Looking forward to luxury of a mattress that night I took off my muddy boots and laid down my rug sack at the entrance of the Kelabit house dwelling whilst an elderly local man stood and stared at me with a smile. He approached and spoke while my guide translated his words.

“We’re going out hunting tonight” he said hesitantly. “We’ll leave just after sun set. You can come along if you wish but you should try to make yourself useful”.

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Georgetown, Penang

Posted on June 4th, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Georgetown, Penang with it’s quaint colonial age buildings.

It sometimes feels as though there’s a drive, not to mention unspoken competition, between the larger cities of the world to create iconic architecture and flaunt this as a symbol of local pride. Some older historic towns of the world have always had options available for this. Rome for example has the Coliseum, Barcellona has the Sagrada Familia,  Paris perhaps the Eiffel Tower and Moscow always shows off  St. Basil’s’ Cathedral when it can.

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Brave Women of Nepal

Posted on May 28th, 2018


Frowning at the tourists. A tired older Nepalese lady frowns

A “man’s job” in European (Western) culture is often understood to be of a physically challenging nature and more often than not may involve the use of heavy tools such as pick, an axe or a sledgehammer. Manual labour in the mining industry, in construction, in farming and so on are jobs of this kind.

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