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Brave Women of Nepal

Posted on May 28th, 2018


Frowning at the tourists. A tired older Nepalese lady frowns

A “man’s job” in European (Western) culture is often understood to be of a physically challenging nature and more often than not may involve the use of heavy tools such as pick, an axe or a sledgehammer. Manual labour in the mining industry, in construction, in farming and so on are jobs of this kind.

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Earthquake Italia

Posted on February 14th, 2018

A Stormy Night

I felt rough that morning as I opened my tent and peered out at the grey light with squinting eyes. The endless rain that night had kept me awake and transformed the campsite near Assisi into muddy mayhem. It was camping misery at its finest and I was in the thick of it with a sopping tent and a puddle of water that squelched through my sodden ground sheet. Clearly, it was time to pack my motorbike and leave the Umbrian Apennines. Further south, the mid Spring weather had to be better. Read More

Sasha’s Dacha in Sochi

Posted on February 14th, 2018

Learning Russian

“Sasha has a Dacha in Sochi”…..these  words taunted me throughout my Russian CD course some years ago. It was a catch phrase, part of a jingle designed to tell the student that it was time to wrap things up at the end of a lesson before moving on with the program.  Read More

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