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Guide to military check points.

Posted on July 2nd, 2018

Stolling Soldier-1 A knowing look from a check point soldier

An unfamiliar motorbike with a foreign number plate always will always raise interest and concern from the locals of countries excluded from mainstream tourism routes. Often it’s the youth that are the sharpest spotters of non native motorcycles and riders from far away and  the attention that comes from being recognised as an alien can prove to be colsest thing an overlander will ever feel to being a celebrity.  The attention is surprisingly overwhelming and friendly. Usually there are offers of hospitality and conversation though the questions asked tend to be repeated endlesly time and time again: “Where are you from?  How old are you? Are you married?” are amongsd the favourites. 

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Five great hacks to make your motorbike tour hassle free.

Posted on June 25th, 2018

Bike on it's side Oops, time for some weight liftin’

Top boxes, tank bags, extra lights and similar all have their special place in the adventure motorcycling scene and serve their purpose well. There are hundreds of online reviews about riding gear, luggage, cushioned seats and the latest tyre technology, all “guaranteed” to make our lifes easier on the road.  Of course we’re free to pick, try out and spend cash to our hearts content, just for the fun of it if we choose to do so. However, there are some simple, very affordable extras (some self made) that can make a huge difference to the comfort and quality of our rides especially on a long tour. A few may be obvious to some bikers, others perhaps not so much. Here are five.

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The Golden Bolder of Burma.

Posted on June 15th, 2018


View of the Golden Rock The Golden Rock of Myanmar

Getting into Myanmar on a motorcycle is no easy feat. Current laws in Burma make the country a bit of an obstacle for all overlanders and their vehicles be these fully equipped 4 x 4 off road trucks or lightweight  pushbikes, it makes no difference . Myanmar is a hurdle, one that requires some planning and thought but that’s not to say that it can’t be done.  Crossing the border into this nation on your own vehicle  (as of 2016) can be accomplished by engaging a local tour operator that for a fee, will provide  authorisations, an “approved route”, an English speaking guide and a government official to lead a travelling party from entry border to  exit, be these either with India or Thailand. Guest houses and hotel bookings as well as tours of attractions on route are included in the package.

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