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The Golden Bolder of Burma.

Posted on June 15th, 2018


View of the Golden Rock The Golden Rock of Myanmar

Getting into Myanmar on a motorcycle is no easy feat. Current laws in Burma make the country a bit of an obstacle for all overlanders and their vehicles be these fully equipped 4 x 4 off road trucks or lightweight  pushbikes, it makes no difference . Myanmar is a hurdle, one that requires some planning and thought but that’s not to say that it can’t be done.  Crossing the border into this nation on your own vehicle  (as of 2016) can be accomplished by engaging a local tour operator that for a fee, will provide  authorisations, an “approved route”, an English speaking guide and a government official to lead a travelling party from entry border to  exit, be these either with India or Thailand. Guest houses and hotel bookings as well as tours of attractions on route are included in the package.

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Blowpipe Hunter…maybe.

Posted on June 7th, 2018


A view of the jungle canopy

I finally  reached a Kelabit long house after a two day hike in the Sarawak jungle . My guide told me that the plan was to rest  and continue my trek the following day.

Looking forward to luxury of a mattress that night I took off my muddy boots and laid down my rug sack at the entrance of the Kelabit house dwelling whilst an elderly local man stood and stared at me with a smile. He approached and spoke while my guide translated his words.

“We’re going out hunting tonight” he said hesitantly. “We’ll leave just after sun set. You can come along if you wish but you should try to make yourself useful”.

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Snake Charmer’s Bluff

Posted on February 14th, 2018

A Hike on a Warm Day

The heat started to get to me that day on the trail to the waterfall on the hills around Manali (northern India). I could feel the noon sun bite the back of my neck and the uncomfortable sting of sweat in my eyes. The views in the Summer heat though were enchanting with pine forest, rich green hills and rocky outcrops to admire. There was also the occasional small challenge on my path from “holy cows” laughably determined to block my way forward. Suddenly though, somewhere ahead, a sound unexpected, caught me off guard. The eerie repetitive notes of a Pungi drifted and curled in the air and beckoned my curiosity from somewhere not far off on my trail. I knew the sound was no ordinary one as the Pungi, in India, is a snake charmer’s tool. Read More

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