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Georgetown, Penang

Posted on June 4th, 2018

George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Georgetown, Penang with it’s quaint colonial age buildings.

It sometimes feels as though there’s a drive, not to mention unspoken competition, between the larger cities of the world to create iconic architecture and flaunt this as a symbol of local pride. Some older historic towns of the world have always had options available for this. Rome for example has the Coliseum, Barcellona has the Sagrada Familia,  Paris perhaps the Eiffel Tower and Moscow always shows off  St. Basil’s’ Cathedral when it can.

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Brave Women of Nepal

Posted on May 28th, 2018


Frowning at the tourists. A tired older Nepalese lady frowns

A “man’s job” in European (Western) culture is often understood to be of a physically challenging nature and more often than not may involve the use of heavy tools such as pick, an axe or a sledgehammer. Manual labour in the mining industry, in construction, in farming and so on are jobs of this kind.

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Stopped by the Cops….

Posted on February 14th, 2018

The rice paddies on the hills in southern Sumatra were simply beautiful at that time of the day. The sun, low on the horizon, cast it’s late day rays on the water brimmed terraces that reflected the crimson light everywhere in a comforting orange glow. A picture perfect moment I thought as I rode along and considered a spot to stop and make use of my Nikon. Just one more bend on the narrow road and for sure there would be a good photo opportunity waiting for me I told myself. Tripod and lens were already on my mind as I veered into the glaring sun, but what I found around that last bend was far from the perfect opportunity I envisioned. Actually, it made my heart sink straight away. Read More

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