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giovanni travelling stranger

Hello there!

I’m Giovanni but most of my friends know me as John.

I’m currently living in Essex in the UK though in the past I have also dwelt in Scotland, Italy and even Borneo.

I love riding motorbikes especially when long distances are involved. During the course of 2016 to mid 2017 I completed a fifteen month trip from the UK to Bali in Indonesia on my beloved two wheeled Bavarian girlfriend (Lucy, a BMW F800GS, a white one). I visited over twenty seven countries, and rode approximately thirty thousand miles (fifty thousand kilometres) over tar, gravel, sand, rock and mud.

Many of my posts here will be a bit of travel blog with pictures and videos of my road trip from the UK to South East Asia. They are highlights of my journey along what is now an established overland route between the extremities of the Eurasian continent.

However, it’s not only about my trip. There’s stuff about my other interests as well: photography, fishing, travel in general and more.

Thanks for reading, following and sharing!


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